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Deadly Cancer-causing chemical exposed to Workers

An Oklahoma plating manufacturer is facing over three dozen safety violations carrying $341,000 in fines for exposing workers to deadly levels of hexavalent chromium, a cancer-causing health hazard.

Reasons for fine: failure to

◾provide PPE for workers exposed to chromium

◾demarcate regulated area where chromium was sprayed

◾prevent ingestion of food and drinks and absorption of cigarettes in chromium-regulated areas

◾properly train workers exposed to the facility’s chromium, caustics and corrosives

◾provide adequate walking and working surfaces

◾provide separate locker space and storage for street and protective clothing

◾perform PPE hazard assessments

◾guard power transmission belts

◾failing to fit test employees for respirators and implement a respiratory program

◾inform workers of their chromium exposure records

◾provide adequate washing facilities

◾label chemical containers

Inspectors said workers were exposed to the chemical in the spray painting and dip tank operation areas and in the lunchroom and smoking areas of the Grove plant.