September is Emergency Preparedness Month. Is your business ready to face an emergency or natural disaster?

The National Safety Council (NSC) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offered reminders that September is Emergency Preparedness Month. Coming up with a plan that will keep your business safe during an emergency, and help it get back on its feet after a disaster, is an important way to protect your employees and resources. FEMA and the NSC provided several suggestions for keeping your company safe when disaster strike.

Have a plan in place

Getting your business back on its feet after a natural disaster might seem a bit daunting if you’ve been hit hard, but a little pre-planning will make the process go a lot smoother. Some steps to take:

◾Make a list of necessary equipment, such as computers and other machinery, and store extra supplies offsite. Also, plan for a temporary location for your business to use if you need to relocate after a disaster

◾Have back-up copies of all important business records stored offsite on hard drives at least 100 miles away

◾Keep essential phone numbers handy, including those of suppliers, employees, customers, utility companies, local media and emergency agencies

◾Have at least one corded phone attached to a wall jack in case there is an electrical outage

◾Use a reliable high-speed internet service that will maintain your emails and other information if your network fails, and

◾Keep a back-up generator ready.







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