Corizon Health, Inc., failing to protect its doctors, nurses and mental health workers against workplace violence and assaults at a New York prison.

A six-month investigation at Rikers Island Correctional Facility found attacks by inmates against employees contracted to provide prison healthcare services jumped from 8 to 39 in two years, federal regulators said.

Workplace violence has the potential to erupt at any facility. The best way to prevent or minimize the damage of an unexpected attack from a co-worker or visitor is to prepare as much as possible.

◾implementation of administrative controls such as job site hazard assessments and incident reviews

◾installing a panic alarm system and protective barriers

◾re-configuring treatment areas so healthcare workers can escape if threatened

◾outfitting employees with PPE, such as personal alarm systems to contact correctional officers

◾safety training for all healthcare staffers on workplace violence prevention, stress management, recognition of signs of potential violence and post-incident services to treat employees traumatized by violent incidents



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