OSHA Safety: Making the most of near-misses

OSHA Safety Training – Workplace Safety

No safety manager wants a near-miss to happen. But a close call can serve as a wake-up call for workers – and managers.
No one gets hurt, but employees and bosses still get the message that safety needs to be a top priority.
But near-misses are only an effective safety tool if you follow up on them and make sure workers and managers are aware of them.
Here are a few ideas to ensure you make the most of near-misses that may occur at your facility:
Treat it like a recordable. You don’t have to report a near-miss to OSHA, but going through an incident investigation, employee interviews and root-cause analysis will help you prevent similar cases in the future.
Share the story. If a worker has a near-miss, get him or her to share details at your next safety meeting.
Look for trends. One near-miss is a wake-up call. A series of near-misses is an indication you may have a serious hazard in your operations.
Consider severity. Near-misses are often a good way to spot process safety issues that could lead to a catastrophic incident.

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