Is America Choosing Saving Over Safety In The Workplace?

Many standards promulgated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) explicitly require the employer to train (or instruct, or communicate, or inform . . .) employees in the safety and health aspects of their jobs. Other OSHA standards make it the employer’s responsibility to limit certain job assignments to employees who are “certified,” “competent,” or “qualified” – meaning that they have had special previous training, in or out of the workplace. Yet over 90% of companies claims to have never heard of the requirement to have Occupational Safety and Health Safety Training for their employees. Safety training such as Bloodborne Pathogens, Ergonomic, Emergency Response and Prepareness, Fall Prevention, etc. are mandatory requirements in the workplace. Promoting safety culture in the workplace cost money and time and many employers are not willing and/or able to pay for these necessary training.

Post your thoughts on this issue.



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